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Couples or Family Therapy

With intimate relationship the focus, there may be fine-tuning or bigger changes you want to make. Couples or family therapy, which combine listening & reflective skill with more active assessment & intervention methods by the therapist, will help. These sessions offer opportunity for balance and fairness that sometimes is hard to achieve on your own, creating a more relaxed mood that encourages insight and promotes more authenticity with one another.

Some of what to expect:

Your partner or family members may or may not be as ready as you to work on communication or interpersonal patterns; but they may respond to non-threatening ways of inviting their participation in sessions. Regardless, improvements in relating can be made through joint, or through individual sessions that adopt an interpersonal focus, since changes in one person's behavior necessitate new responses from the other(s). __ This is a fundamental couples & family therapy concept.

what clients say