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Dream Therapy

Entering the realm of our own pre-consciousness __ that is that place where we are aware of things that we are not conscious enough to express to ourselves, let alone others __ provides us with wisdom. And wisdom that comes from our own perceptions is the best kind.

There are ways of accessing our pre-conscious mind, one of which is contemplating our dreams. This material is different from 'daydreams', or 'lucid dreams', over which we have some conscious influence. Dreams come in our sleep, and cannot be manipulated by our own preferences or biases. Because this is true, dreams offer a place where we provide ourselves creative insight into the matters or relationships we care about most.

Some ways of approaching dream interpretation include:

    Individual Dream Work     Group Dream Work
    Work with a Dream Therapist

"A dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurences in our soul."  - Erich Fromm, social psychologist / humanist / author