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  C o u r s e  D e s c r i p t i o n s

 The following courses and workshops were originally offered through the University of Washington:


    UW Continuing Education (Spectrum): Paradox of Life, Love & Death: process of change.

    Experimental College:  Transforming Personal History: evolving through family issues

                                       DreamWise: using group process in dream interpretation (current quarterly offering)



PARADOX OF LIFE, LOVE & DEATH: the process of change


This course written by Janette and co-developed with Dr. Ben Joshua Jaffee of the UW School of Social Work was offered through Continuing Education before it was re-developed by Dr. Jaffee into the grief course for M.A. social work students.


 Our attitudes toward life, and any fears of death, love, or change, mirror how we feel about the world. This class, about the body-mind  connection, looks at our perceived experiences, and how we deal with change. We will look at the seeming polar opposites of physiological  death and the intimacy of falling in love, noting their similarities in inviting us to surrender control for a heightened ability for oneness.

 3 or 6-hour class





An UW Experimental College workshop for a decade, this popular class focused on our relational patterns, in love, work and family. The process uses a classic tool of Family Therapy to focus on identifying family patterns as they extend to non-family life.


 Family history powerfully affects personal experience and relationships in present time: how we interpret life depends on our assumptions and  reactions to past events. The boldness that marks intimacy, self acceptance and free expression increases with the willingness to relook at  difficult figures or episodes in our lives and integrate new views of events, others and ourselves into our current reality. This kind of exercise  strengthens both our humanness and our deepest capacity for caring. The workshop looks at graphing family history, identifying patterns that  have and do keep us limited in responding to those around us.

 3 or 6-hour workshop





A UW Experimental College workshop on dream interpretation, this material outlines a process designed by Rev. Jeremy Taylor, used effectively by many groups around the world. Though the instructor studied her own dreams with a Jungian analyst and with a feminist art therapist for a period of years, she presents here a lay alternative that deepens intuition and insight at the same time it enriches our relationships.


 Dreams, a long-recognized source of intuition and knowing, are a key to integrating body, mind and spirit, that link us to the trans-temporal  world __ a timeless and ever-relevant source of meaning.  This workshop introduces a non-analytical group-process that brings us closer to a  dreamÕs multiple possible meanings, while honoring the dreamerÕs intuition as the greatest source of expertise. Currently offered quarterly.

 3-hour quarterly class /6-hour workshop / 2-day retreat




IMAGES FROM SULAMITH WULFING: Artist for Our Times         


 Love, courage, evolution, multiplicity .... all of these come through SulamithÕs art. The images are mystical, yet they ground us in personal  experiences we have known and lived ourselves. Producing her art in HitlerÕs Germany, the artist knew times when freedom, generosity and  the Common Good were challenged. Many were disempowered; yet Sulamith and those like her had a Knowing that comes so powerfully to  the conscious mind. This presentation is a sharing of both WildingÕs art and her inspiration on both the personal and transpersonal planes.

 3-hour participatory presentation




ESTEEM: The Class  

 Who nurtures women as well as other women? Though self-care is a gift always worth giving, this is a particularly good time for it. Come and  join others in sharing our selves and our own wisdom. There will be quotes by famous women whoÕve inspired us, on the walls. Whichever  quote draws you, there will be others there. What do we see? What are their questions? What are our own? These and four little exercises for  re-finding and expressing ourselves will be shared. Bring your self and a sense of humor for some fun and relaxation in a class that is just for  you.

 3-hour workshop




Instruction Fees: For classes offered through Continuing Education or Experimental College, the sponsoring school sets fees.

 Private class rates are $50 per hour, capped at $185.